David Zhang

Dawen Zhang, 章达闻, /Jhang Dawen/

Doctoral candidate @ CSIRO's Data61 & Australian National University, Software Engineer @ CSIRO's Data61

[ firstname (either) ] dot [ lastname ] @data61.csiro.au

I am looking for a postdoc/lecturer/researcher/engineer post. Please feel free to reach out if you happen to know good opportunities!

Research Interests

Software and its Engineering - my research area is SE4AI, with particular interests in Fairness, Privacy, Copyright and Software Architecture. I am a big fan of Metamorphic Testing, which is a very intuitive and elegant but still underappreciated method especially useful for testing AI.

Privacy and Copyright - our position paper on the Right to be Forgotten and Large Language Models focused on the privacy implications of LLMs (in media: New Scientist, The Register, Tech Spot, CSIRO); and now we have a few ongoing work, including a paper on data lifecycle challenges of privacy and copyright protection, and a responsible web solution from software architecture perspective.

Fairness - as removing data from dataset may cause imbalance, we empirically studied the fairness implications of machine unlearning methods.

Language Testing - as an international student and migrant, I am also interested in the implications of using AI on language testing - a common practice in assessing the language proficiency of candidates. Here are the broadcast and a story by fellow migrant and journalist Wing on this issue. Our empirical study reveals the societal impacts of automated scoring in language tests from the test-takers' perspective. We are expanding our investigation into AI (esp. LLMs) - enhanced language learning and test preparation.


Software Testing Tutorials for COMP6445 at ANU 2022 S1

I taught Software Testing tutorials for Advanced Computing Research Methods at ANU.

Blockchain Software Architecture Tutorials for COMP6452 at UNSW 2021 T2

I taught 2021 T2 intake and designed the tutorial content of COMP6452 which is still used by its ongoing offerings. My teaching received very positive feedback; some of my previous students now work in renowned blockchain companies.

I casually tutored a few other courses, and I also have strong background in Operating Systems (I'm a UNSW AOS alumnus), Game Development (graduated from top-2 game dev uni program in China), and Object-Oriented Programming.


I work as a full-stack engineer, with particular expertise in these followings:

Flutter - I led the development of BYR app (one of the biggest and long-lived social media site for uni students in China) using Flutter. I also mentor Flutter developers, and a number of developers I mentored have found jobs in top tech companies.

LoopBack - I contribute to the LoopBack project, an enterprise-level NodeJS API framework open-sourced by IBM. I implemented the polymorphic relations feature of LoopBack 4.

Solidity - I have strong expertise in blockchain development including Solidity and Web3 framework.

Game Development - I was a game developer focusing on game design patterns. I spent my whole undergrad on game development.

Animation & Video Production - I am an animator and VFX artist by training. I make animations and videos for product demos and ads. Watch my recent animation for the Responsible AI product showcase of our research group.


Doctor of Philosophy, CSIRO's Data61 & Australian National University, 2021 - 2024, supervisors: Dr. Zhenchang Xing, Mark Staples and Xiwei Xu

Master of Computing (Coursework & Research), University of New South Wales, 2018 - 2020, supervisors: Dr. Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu and Helen Paik

Bachelor of Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2013 - 2017

Awards and Scholarships

CSIRO's Data61 PhD Full Scholarship, 2021 -

ANU PhD Fee Remission Merit Scholarship, 2021 -

CSIRO's Data61 PhD Top-up Scholarship, 2020 -

BUPT Dean's Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis, 2017